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NRHS Chapters – Special Operators require Special Insurance

NRHS Chapters throughout the United States. This class of Railroad operations presents its own unique challenges to insure properly. This type of operation is typically organized as non-profit organization with a paid Executive Director and a Volunteer Board of Directors and including a Membership that typically is measured in the hundreds.

photo-nrhs-chaptersIt is important for this type of operation to provide coverage for the General Public that will visit the museum but also to properly cover the Board Members and Volunteer’s of the Museum.

We recommend doing this with a combination of policies including a Comprehensive General Liability & Property Insurance Policy, Directors and Officers Liability Insurance and also a Volunteer Accident Policy.

You will find a simple Museum Application in the forms section of this Web Page. We can typically get you a quote within a week of receiving the information, however we do prefer working on an account at least 30 days prior to expiration.

photo-nrhs-chapters-smWe are experts in this field and are the Premier writer of this class of insurance Business throughout the United States.

What you can expect if you contact us:

  • Knowledgeable Professionals that will be a resource for all your insurance needs.
  • Excellent Service in handling Policy Changes, Issuing Certificate of Insurance or Dealing with the Unique situations that preset themselves in operating your Railroad.
  • We are experts in dealing with the insurance requirements of Class I, II or III Railroad Insurance requirements, so if you are crossing or using their track we know what you will need.
  • Access to the all of the active insurance markets writing Short-line Railroads in the United States today.
  • A Friendly Team of Individuals who look forward to working with you.

The following agents are trained in this specialized area of coverage:

Dan Roddy: