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Recommend Fortress Professional Liability Coverage

10 Jan

I recommend Fortress professional liability coverage. My previous insurance company could settle a case without consent. If they settle, it’s a permanent mark on your record even if you’ve done nothing wrong. That was a big sticking point for me and the reason I switched to Fortress.

I live in Denver, Colorado. God’s Country. I skied here once in college and that was it, I wanted to live near the mountains. I started my own practice in 2003. It’s not a typical perio office. Our practice is focused on implants and soft tissue grafting and we see patients of all ages. They all call me by my first name.

I chose periodontics because I like the challenge of surgery and the ever-changing techniques and materials. We do a wide variety of procedures and each case is unique.

I believe in creating a caring and nurturing environment for my patients. I see one person at a time and everyone gets specialized care. After surgery we send them home with a bag of food and call them that night. We try to do the little things. That sets our practice apart.

I’m involved in the academic side of the profession. I teach surgery and do active clinical research. I’m the leading researcher on a revolutionary new material that may change the way we do gum grafts.

I am a sports and music junkie. Living here is so conducive to being active and staying fit. I enjoy skiing, basketball, tennis, running and triathlons to help me decompress and stay on top of it all. I think of my two grandfathers when seeking moral or professional guidance. They both epitomized integrity, work ethic and compassion. In a situation I’ll think, what would they do?

Dr. Brian Gurinsky