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Renters Insurance protects the Renter

A common misconception that many Renters have is that, when you are renting you would think that your belongings are covered with your landlord’s insurance policy. Well, it is certainly not.

photo-homeownersWhat would happen to your belongings if:

  • Someone broke to your apartment?
  • A guest injured himself while staying at your condo?
  • Your rented house burned down?
  • You get flooded during rainy days

photo homeMost people think that getting renters insurance is just a waste of money and time and that it just seems that you don’t have enough belongings to insure to. In that case, think a minute.

Do you have?

  • Clothing – Most individuals have thousands of dollars of clothing.
  • Furniture – Single Apartment Furniture average $25,000
  • Jewelries
  • An entertainment system – $3,000 to $10,000


Why? In this way your belongings will be covered or insured in case of Fire, theft and other common loss types. HMBD Insurance Services can provide you with protection on your personal belongings so that you will have the peace of mind. We can also put medical payments coverage that will pay medical expenses if in case your guests will be injured while staying at your apartment.

HMBD Insurance only provides this coverage to our clients in California.

If you are interested in a quote, contact us and we will email or fax the appropriate applications to you for completion. In many instances we can take down the information needed over the telephone and provide you with a quote the same day.

We’re genuinely interested in providing solutions to all of your insurance needs.

The following agents are trained in this specialized area of coverage:

Roger Osegueda:
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